Central Heating Boilers
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Grundfos Pump

Our reference : Grun50 | Price : from £48.60 (options can affect pricing)
standard domestic central heating pump suitable for most domestic dwellings Power / Flow Rate

Pump Valves (pair)

Our reference : val 22 | Price : from £8.10 (options can affect pricing)
pair of 22mm pump valves Size

Grundfos Alpha Pro (auto v/speed) Pump

Our reference : 0641 | Price : from £106.90 (options can affect pricing)

We at Elite Supplies Recomend this pump. The Grundfos Alpha+ automatic variable speed domestic circulators are the most advanced pumps of their type. They combine the functionality of variable speed technology and three speed operation, which makes them the ideal choice for all applications. This product revolutionises the domestic circulator market and provides both energy savings and reduced noise when the pump is in modulating mode. The Alpha+ automatically adjusts its performance in terms of pressure to match the heating system flow rates all year round. The 130mm pumps are simple to install and can provide fixed speed settings to help purge the system of air and set up any bypass valves if required.

Power / Flow Rate

Grundfos Alpha+ (auto v/speed) Pump

Our reference : 0600 | Price : from £102.00 (options can affect pricing)
Power / Flow Rate