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Energy Efficiency

Boiler Efficiency

In the UK 30% of all energy use is for domestic purposes - and 85% of this is fuel burnt by boilers to heat our homes and water. As a result, around 60% of all domestic Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions come from boilers.

As part of the international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, from 1st April 2005 the law has required most new gas boilers fitted in England and Wales to be high efficiency condensing boilers.

Energy efficient boilers make greater use of the fuel they burn - using less fuel in the first place and getting more heat from it. Added to this is the benefit offered by modern heating controls. These allow boiler systems to react to changes in temperature in your home and provide different levels of heat in different rooms, as well as switching hot water or heating systems on and off to suit you.

This all adds up to a significant energy saving - and there are real financial incentives to switch too. Using a high efficiency condensing boiler combined with heating controls will significantly cut your home's energy consumption and can reduce bills by up to two thirds.

You may even be able to get a grant to help you meet the cost of upgrading your heating system. The government provides up to £2500 to households on benefits, local authorities provide grants energy suppliers also offer incentives to switch. For more information contact your local Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre.